Did LeBron James Really Sport Maid Cosplay on Instagram? Uncovering the Viral Sensation!

LeBron James podría retirarse este mismo año

The LA Lakers superstar LeBron James has been the subject of several viral edits recently. AI-generated clips that depict the four-time MVP cussing out and throwing his teammates under the bus have been rampant on social media and it does not stop there for LeBron. Recently, a photo of James has surfaced on X wherein he is cosplaying a maid outfit. The image also shows him holding up a phone while standing next to a mirror looking like he is taking a mirror selfie.

Much like the AI-generated clips of LeBron James cussing out his teammates during the postgame press conferences, this one is a fake. Whether someone took the time to meticulously photoshop LeBron into the maid outfit or used AI to generate the image, it is not a real image.

None of LeBron’s official accounts or accounts of anyone related to him such as his family members or business associates have posted this image. It did not come from LeBron or his camp at all and it goes onto the pile of fake images circulating the internet.

With the technological advancements available to people nowadays, creating such images has become quite easy. In fact, LeBron is not the only victim of these fake, AI-generated images. Plenty of other celebrities have had clips or images made by artificial intelligence circulate online.

Similar to this photo, it isn’t the first time that a fej image was created of LeBron James.

An AI-generated image of LeBron James for the Barbie premiere made the rounds recently

The Barbie movie was one of the blockbuster movies of the season and several celebrities attended the red carpet premiere. LeBron James was not among the famous people who went but a fake image of him supposedly attending went viral online.

It probably would not have been a big deal at all if he attended but what made the image go viral was the fact that LeBron was made to wear an outfit that fit the theme of the Barbie movie.

The AI-generated image showed the four-time NBA MVP wearing an all-pink ensemble, from his shirt to the skirt, as well as a matching pink handbag.

The page that posted it, Buttcrack Sports, is well-known for trolling on X. In fact, it is written on their bio that nothing they post should be considered as fact.

Buttcrack Sports is only one of the many satirical pages that exist on social media but not all pages declare that they are simply posting for satire or are trolling. As such, fans should always take the time to do extra research or cross-check anything they see online before believing.

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