Incredible Achievement: 10-Year-Old Prodigy Shatters World Record by Writing Epic 58,000-Word Novel

Introducing Hephzibah Akinwale, an exceptional 10-year-old Black girl from the United Kingdom who has recently set a new world record by writing the longest fiction book ever published by a child. Her groundbreaking work, titled *Chronicles of The Time Keepers: Whisked Away*, is a substantial tome containing 58,000 words.

Hephzibah is currently a dedicated student at Little Thetford Church of England Primary School, located in the serene East Cambridgeshire district of England. With her literary achievement, she has successfully exceeded the word count of the previous world record, which was held by 11-year-old Manikya Sanghi. Manikya’s book, *Wizard of Sansanadia*, was an award-winning creation that contained 44,000 words. This monumental achievement by Hephzibah not only showcases her incredible talent and dedication to writing but also marks a significant milestone in children’s literature.

10- year Old

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