That headline certainly grabs attention with its dramatic language! How can I assist you further with it?

According to a report by KTLA, an accident involving a studio tour tram occurred just after 9 p.m. PDT. The incident took place when one of the tram cars reportedly collided with a rail due to a mechanical failure.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office indicated that the tram driver identified a mechanical malfunction as the cause of the accident. CNN reported that this collision resulted in multiple passengers being ejected from the tram.

The Los Angeles County Fire Department reported that approximately fifteen individuals were transported to the hospital following an accident involving a studio tour tram. According to reports, at least one person sustained critical injuries, while the majority suffered minor injuries.

Following the incident, a spokesperson from the park stated, “There was a tram incident at the theme park tonight that resulted in multiple minor injuries, as confirmed by the LA County Fire Dept. We are working to support our guests and understand the circumstances that led to the accident.”

Details regarding the specific causes of the accident have not yet been disclosed. The investigation into the incident is expected to be taken over by the California Highway Patrol.

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