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Esther Crawford, the Chief Executive of Twitter Payments, has stepped down from her position amid significant upheaval at the social media giant following Elon Musk’s takeover. Known for her strong support of Musk’s vision, Crawford’s departure marks a significant shift in the company’s leadership dynamics.

Since Musk acquired Twitter, the company has undergone radical changes, including mass layoffs that have affected thousands of employees. These layoffs have sparked controversy and raised concerns about the future of the platform. Crawford, who played a pivotal role in Twitter Payments, has been a prominent figure in the company, advocating for Musk’s initiatives including new product developments and strategic shifts.

Her exit comes at a critical time when Twitter is facing challenges on multiple fronts, including declining advertiser confidence and public scrutiny over its management decisions. Under Musk’s leadership, the company has aimed to streamline operations and reduce costs, but these moves have also led to a decrease in morale among the remaining staff.

Crawford has not publicly stated the reasons for her departure, but sources close to the matter suggest that the ongoing instability and the drastic organizational changes influenced her decision. Her support for Musk had made her a central figure in executing his new policies, including the controversial “Twitter Blue” subscription service.

The impact of her departure is expected to be significant, as Twitter continues to navigate its new direction under Musk’s ownership. Industry analysts are watching closely to see how the company will manage the transition and stabilize its operations.

This development raises questions about the stability of Twitter’s leadership and the future of its payment initiatives, which were seen as a critical component of Musk’s strategy to diversify the company’s revenue streams.

As Twitter adjusts to these internal changes, the tech community and investors are keenly observing the potential long-term effects on the company’s strategy and market performance.

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