‘The Five’ Shatters TV Norms, Tops Viewer Ratings for an Entire Year as First Ever Non-Primetime Show

In a remarkable achievement for daytime television, Fox News’ talk show “The Five” has made history by becoming the first non-primetime program to rank number one in viewership across all cable news channels for an entire year. This milestone underscores the show’s widespread appeal and the shifting dynamics of TV viewership.

Launched in July 2011, “The Five” features a roundtable ensemble of five co-hosts who discuss current news, political issues, and pop culture, often incorporating a diverse range of perspectives. The format, which mixes in-depth discussion with a more casual, conversational style, has proven to be a hit with viewers, resonating with audiences looking for both informative and engaging content.

The achievement is particularly significant given the competitive nature of cable news and the dominance of primetime slots traditionally held by heavyweights such as MSNBC’s “Rachel Maddow Show” and CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360”. “The Five” has disrupted this norm, attracting a broad audience with its dynamic approach to news commentary.

Experts attribute the success of “The Five” to several factors, including its unique format, the chemistry among its co-hosts, and its timing. Airing at 5 PM ET, the show capitalizes on a time slot that catches viewers tuning in for evening news updates, proving that strategic scheduling coupled with compelling content can challenge the primetime status quo.

Social media has played a pivotal role in amplifying the show’s reach and impact, with segments often going viral, thus broadening its viewer base beyond traditional cable audiences. This digital engagement has introduced “The Five” to younger demographics and international viewers, contributing to its sustained popularity.

As “The Five” celebrates this historic achievement, the television industry is taking note of the potential for non-primetime programs to make significant inroads in viewer ratings traditionally dominated by evening broadcasts. This shift may influence future programming decisions and strategies across the network landscape.

Fox News has expressed pride in “The Five’s” accomplishment, praising the co-hosts and production team for their dedication and innovative approach to news broadcasting. The network anticipates that the show will continue to lead in ratings as it adapts and evolves in response to viewer preferences and changing media consumption habits.

This milestone not only marks a significant moment for “The Five” but also signals a potential shift in how and when audiences choose to engage with news programming, reshaping the cable news environment in the process.

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