Mark Wahlberg Leads Hollywood’s Crusade for Traditional Values: Takes Aim at Tom Hanks and ‘Woke’ Culture”

 (Getty Images)

Mark Wahlberg, known for his rugged roles and real-life Christian values, has reportedly become a vocal advocate for steering Hollywood back towards its traditional roots. Wahlberg, alongside industry stalwarts like Clint Eastwood, Mel Gibson, and Harrison Ford, is pushing against the modern “woke” culture permeating the studios, yearning for a return to the days when cinematic storytelling adhered to more classical values.

In a candid revelation to his brother Donnie, Wahlberg expressed his desire to make movies that embrace the raw and unfiltered aspects of comedy as they were “intended by God,” including characters like the foul-mouthed, yet endearing teddy bears from his film “Ted.” His remarks sharply contrast with figures like Tom Hanks, who Wahlberg implies are part of a progressive shift that undermines traditional Hollywood.

Despite his commitment to this cause, Wahlberg humorously shared his frustration over not being recognized while ordering at a Dunkin’ outlet—a nod to his Boston roots and a lighthearted jab at Ben Affleck, who recently featured in commercials for the brand. Wahlberg’s blend of humor and seriousness highlights his complex relationship with fame and his aspirations for the industry.

As Wahlberg and other veteran actors rally for this cultural shift, they evoke a nostalgic call for a revival of the old-school Hollywood ethos. Whether this movement will gain momentum or clash with evolving societal norms remains to be seen, but it’s clear that Wahlberg is not ready to step out of the spotlight—or the conversation—anytime soon.

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