Family Outrage: Columbia Protester Involved in Fatal Crash Should Be Jailed, Not On Campus, Say Grieving Relatives

A protester at a Columbia University anti-Israel encampment, identified as 20-year-old Isabel Jennifer Seward, has come under significant criticism following her involvement in a serious accident in 2020. Seward, who was involved in a crash that resulted in the deaths of an elderly Vermont couple, Chet and Connie Hawkins, allegedly crossed into oncoming traffic, causing a head-on collision. Police reports from September 8, 2020, detail the tragic incident.

Eve Taylor, 49, the niece of the deceased couple, expressed strong sentiments regarding the lack of severe legal consequences for Seward. “The only reason she wasn’t charged with murder is because she has a rich daddy,” Taylor claimed, suggesting that Seward’s affluent background influenced the legal outcome. This assertion highlights the controversy surrounding Seward’s current activities and her presence at an elite educational institution like Columbia University.

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