Gary Sinise Declines $500 Million Project with Tom Hanks, Citing ‘I Stay Away From Woke People’

In a bold move that has stirred Hollywood and its observers, actor Gary Sinise has publicly declined to participate in a $500 million project alongside Tom Hanks, stating his preference to “stay away from woke people.” This decision underscores a deepening ideological divide within the entertainment industry.

Sinise, known for his roles in various high-profile films and for his conservative viewpoints, expressed that his decision was rooted in a desire to avoid the increasingly politicized atmosphere in Hollywood. He emphasized his intention to work in environments that align more closely with his personal beliefs and values, which he feels are at odds with what he describes as “woke” culture.

Tom Hanks, who has often been vocal about his liberal views, has not publicly responded to Sinise’s comments. The project, which was set to be one of the most significant in terms of budget and scale this year, now faces uncertainty regarding its future and casting.

This situation highlights the ongoing cultural and political tensions in Hollywood, where differing views on social and political issues can impact collaborations and creative projects. The industry, which has seen a shift towards more vocal political and social advocacy, now must navigate the complexities that arise when personal beliefs intersect with professional engagements.

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