Mike Tyson in his prime was a force of nature, feared for his knockout power and ferocious fighting style. Behind this dominance lay a meticulous approach to training and technique, honed under the watchful eye of legendary trainer Cus D’Amato.

Tyson’s signature peek-a-boo guard, characterized by its high hand positioning, allowed for explosiveness and unpredictable attacks from various angles. His relentless bodywork, often overlooked, broke down opponents, setting up devastating headshots. Beyond physical prowess, D’Amato instilled a mental fortitude that made Tyson an intimidating force in the ring.

His training regime was legendary for its intensity and volume. Hours of sparring, calisthenics, and running built a level of stamina and resilience that allowed Tyson to pressure opponents relentlessly. This combination of technique, power, and rigorous training created an era-defining boxer, feared by opponents and celebrated by fans.