Canelo Alvarez’s Scathing Accusations

In a fiery press conference before his upcoming fight with Jaime Munguia in Las Vegas, Canelo Alvarez made shocking allegations, accusing Oscar De La Hoya, former boxing champion and head of Golden Boy Promotions – the company that once managed Alvarez – of stealing money from his fighters.

“He steals from fighters!” Alvarez boldly claimed. “I don’t know if Gennadiy Golovkin was ever paid for his rematch with me.”

Canelo y de la Hoya.

De La Hoya’s Strong Retaliation

Facing these serious accusations, De La Hoya did not deny them but instead announced he would sue Alvarez for defamation. He maintained that Golovkin had been paid in full and accused Alvarez of trying to damage his reputation.

“I’m definitely going to sue for defamation,” De La Hoya told ESPN. “Imagine the damage it can do to my reputation. Imagine what it can do to my business with fighters, who are going to believe that.”

Stemming from a Fractured Relationship

The animosity between De La Hoya and Alvarez has been simmering for a long time. After parting ways with Golden Boy Promotions in 2017, Alvarez signed a massive $365 million deal with DAZN for 11 fights. This move infuriated and embittered De La Hoya, leading to negative comments and accusations of Alvarez’s greed.

¿Cuándo y por qué surge el conflicto entre Canelo y de la

Truth Needs to be Unveiled

Alvarez’s allegations of De La Hoya pocketing fighter purses demand thorough investigation and exposure. If proven true, De La Hoya would be held accountable for his deceitful and exploitative actions towards the boxers under his management.

Alvarez’s Challenge

Alvarez didn’t just make accusations; he challenged De La Hoya to settle this matter with fists.

“If he wants to fight, a real fight, where fists settle things, I’m ready,” Alvarez declared. “In the ring or in the courtroom, Oscar, the choice is yours.”


This saga reveals the true face of Oscar De La Hoya beneath the façade of a boxing champion. Instead of protecting and supporting his fighters, he allegedly exploited them for his own gain.

The public should condemn De La Hoya’s wrongdoings and stand with Alvarez in his pursuit of justice for himself and all the boxers who have been mistreated.