Australian boxer Ebanie Bridges found herself at the center of controversy after sharing a St. Patrick’s Day post on her social media accounts. The post, featuring Bridges posing with a pint of Forged Irish Stout, drew criticism from some followers who questioned her focus on promotional activities rather than boxing.

Bridges, known for her prowess in the boxing ring, captioned the photo with well wishes for St. Patrick’s Day and promoted the stout, which is endorsed by MMA superstar Conor McGregor. She described it as “the creamiest stout in the world,” highlighting its Irish origin and association with McGregor.

However, amidst the flood of positive responses, one comment stood out, criticizing Bridges for supposedly prioritizing endorsements over her boxing career. The comment read: “Maybe if she focused more on boxing and not this shit, she’d still be a world champion.”

The remark ignited a debate among followers, with some defending Bridges’s right to engage in promotional activities and others echoing concerns about her dedication to her sport.

Bridges, who has been vocal about her passion for boxing and her journey in the sport, has yet to respond publicly to the criticism. However, the incident has sparked discussions about the balance between athletes’ promotional commitments and their athletic pursuits.