Russell Westbrook, LA Clippers

Russell Westbrook
Russell Westbrook is quite known for his anger issues; he got into some heated arguments over the past few years. However, recently, the same incident occurred before the start of the game between the Los Angeles Clippers and Charlotte Hornets when a fan disrespected Westbrook in his face.

This argument started when a fan from the crowd shouted “Westbrick” to Russell Westbrook. After that LA Clippers’ star player heard that word and got offended, he suddenly started an argument with that fan by saying, “Don’t disrespect my name.”

Soon after the start of that argument, security arrived at the spot and separated both of them from each other.

Fan: Westbrick

Westbrook said, “Don’t disrespect my name. Do you understand me?”

Westbrook is the most divisive name among NBA fans. In recent years, the seasoned artist has faced some of the most appalling verbal abuse from fans.

When Russell Westbrook played for the Los Angeles Lakers, the guard became an internet sensation, and even though his play has improved since joining the Los Angeles Clippers, fans of other teams continue to mock him and call him names.

Russell Westbrook sustained an injury a month ago

Westbrook put up a strong showing off the bench, scoring 11 points, pulling down five rebounds, and dishing out four assists.

The LA Clippers are currently in the 4th position in the Western Conference ranking. Russell Westbrook has been unlucky throughout this season of the NBA. Westbrook sustained an injury one month ago, and due to this, he was not able to play a large number of games this season.

At Kaseya Centre in February of last year, a fan of the Miami Heat insulted the point guard, which led to a violent fight between Westbrook and the fan, who was eventually expelled from the arena.