A prominent name in combat sports, Ronda Rousey has reigned big over both the UFC and WWE. And amidst all her fame, her tumultuous equation with both the media outlets and commentator Joe Rogan is also well known. Even after being the first female MMA fighter to headline the all-female event at UFC 157, her relationship with Rogan saw a decline post-retirement as Rogan commented on her fighting skills and deemed them to be one-dimensional.

Even after having a good career, she declared that Joe Rogan and the MMA team turned their backs on her. Now this topic of her recently bursting out on Rogan was discussed by Chael Sonnen and he pretty much did not agree with the ex-fighter.

On his YouTube channel, Sonnen recently justified why friendship and work were different and why Rogan might have criticized her. He claimed, “If she [Ronda] was to be beaten I think you could still be her friend, but write down and; or report how she was beaten.” However, he acknowledged that the broken friendship hurt the fighter’s feelings. The rift between Rogan and her stems from the fact that in the past year, many MMA artists and critics have pointed out that she was not that good, and one of them was Rogan.

Chael Sonnen seemed to be defending Rogan in a way because he said, “I watched an interview with Ronda Rousey and it was so awesome to see a person who they on a benefactor and then left the competitive sports world to go into the entertainment sports world. Came out the other side and still does not understand.”