A FAMOUS artist has sued Kim Kardashian for lying about owning his furniture pieces.

The estate of Donald Judd has accused The Kardashians star of using knockoffs of his designs in a viral video.

Kim Kardashian has been sued for supposedly lying about the designer of her office furnitureCredit: Hulu

The estate of artist Donald Judd accused her of using knockoffs of his tables and chairsCredit: Youtube/Kim Kardashian

Kim claimed they were real originals in a 2022 SKKN office tour videoCredit: Youtube/Kim Kardashian

Kim, 43, posted a tour of her SKKN office in 2022, where she led viewers through the ultra-minimalist workspace.

In the clip, the reality star showed off an eclectic wooden table and a set of chairs which she claimed were Donald Judd originals.

Donald is an esteemed artist known for his minimal furniture, sculptures, and home designs.

The Estate accused Kim of acquiring the furniture from a company called Clements Design, according to court documents uncovered by TMZ.

Clements Design, who has been listed as a defendant in the case, told the outlet that there are “obvious key differences” between Kim’s furniture and Donald’s designs.

“This issue was brought to our attention over a year ago. We communicated with the Judd Foundation’s counsel and explained to them in no uncertain terms that there were obvious key differences between the tables and chairs in Kim’s office and the Judd Foundation’s tables and chairs,” they claimed.

“The Judd Foundation’s prior counsel acknowledged these differences and since then, we have not heard from them in over a year, and are now being blindsided with a lawsuit.

“Efforts were made to resolve this issue amicably at the time and the Judd Foundation was unwilling to settle on reasonable terms. These claims have absolutely no merit,” the company added.

Donald Judd’s estate has asserted that Kim’s furniture pieces are knockoffs, and because she promoted them as originals, the public was led to believe they were so.

Furthermore, they said that Judd’s reputation and legacy as an artist have been tainted due to the viral nature and major publicity of the office tour.

The estate has demanded that Kim remove the video, and correct her previous claims about the origin of the items.

They’ve also filed to profit from the mistake made by Clements Design.

TMZ reached out to Kim’s representative but has not heard back at this time.


The mother of four was previously slammed as out of touch for showing off the lavish features of her SKKN office in Los Angeles.

Back in January, the TV star gave her followers a second tour of her office, pointing out one specific wall covered with dozens of her framed magazine covers.

The fashionista also showed off a custom mannequin made to look like her famous figure.

“I’m Kim Kardashian. Of course, I have all my magazine covers covering my walls,” she told the camera while strolling through the organized space.

The reality star then led the camera to her glam room, where the custom mannequin was put on display.

“I’m Kim Kardashian. Of course, I have a custom mannequin with my custom measurements in my glam room,” she added, taking part in a viral TikTok challenge.

The video continued with Kim flaunting her massive TV wall that featured various photos from her past.

“I’m Kim Kardashian. Of course, I have my beauty campaigns on a loop on a big TV wall,” she continued.

Kim then showcased more of her office, including multiple tanning beds and a massive shrine of her beauty products.

Kim plugged her SKKN BY KIM MAKEUP line at the very end of the video, which was released on January 26.


But fans were not pleased, with several slamming the KUWTK alum as “tone deaf” for carelessly putting her wealth on display.

“Could this be any more cringe & out of touch?” one person wrote on Reddit alongside the video.

Others agreed that Kim wasn’t respecting fans who are struggling financially.

“All of it is extremely tone deaf when the world & its citizens are literally dying – like there is war everywhere, climate change, rising prejudices, a cost of living crisis and she’s showing us how she has a model of her private jet in her office,” they continued.

“I don’t think she would ever understand the term ‘quiet luxury.”

Others were quick to agree, with one writing, “She’s Kim Kardashian, of course this was just a f**king ad.”

“How stupid are you to promote fake tanning at the drop of a skincare line LOL,” another ripped.

“Dude it’s a commercial about her being rich? WHAT,” a third trolled.

“No wonder people are going off of her, she’s completely out of touch with reality and us common folk. Completely unrelatable,” a fourth claimed.

Kim has given multiple tours of her lavish office spaceCredit: TikTok/kimkardashian

Fans slammed the reality star as ‘out of touch’