The WWE has produced some iconic entrance theme songs for its wrestlers over the years. Most of the music by the WWE in the Attitude and Aggression Era is now considered the gold standard for wrestling music. However, today, WWE fans don’t feel the same way about the current in-house music team, Def Rebel.

The overall reception to Def Rebel’s music has been largely negative. Their lack of originality and creativity has brought murmurs of unrest in the minds of the audience as they clamor for more for their favorite stars. Turning their music into a meme trend, the WWE Universe gave Brock Lesnar‘s theme a Def Rebel mix.

When it comes to iconic WWE music producers, no one beats Jim Johnston. Unanimously loved by the fans and missed, his successor in the 2010s was CFO$. While filling in the shoes of Johnston emerged as a tall task, the group produced some exceptional music for the likes of AJ Styles, Becky Lynch, Bobby Roode, Shinsuke Nakamura, Finn Balor, and many more. However, after their departure in 2020, Def Rebel took over the reins, and they haven’t adequately replaced the gaping void. This resulted in the WWE Universe remixing iconic wrestlers’ themes in their musical pattern. The latest name added to the list was The Beast, Brock Lesnar.

Instead of the iconic starting to the theme, it’s been replaced with audio from Brock Lesnar introducing himself. Following that is the theme remade in a retro video game style. To add a cherry on the cake, the outro of the music is The Beast’s failed attempt at a roar. All this made fans appreciate the theme amidst the return rumors about the WWE star. The fan reaction to this theme wasn’t as bad as the other ones, with many claiming that it was better than what Def Rebel could actually produce.

Once this theme hit X’s social media, fans expected to hate it. However, the reaction to the theme was more positive than most people thought. They found the parody to have been well-made and even complimented the beats. Here are the top fan reactions to the new theme.

Fans found the theme to be rather enjoyable than disappointing. They claimed it to be the best one yet.

As mentioned above, fans found the effort put into it rather admirable. Instead of brushing it off, they vibed to it.

Many found the beat to be good as it gave a video game-esque feel. Others found the drop to be lit.

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