Draymond Green and Diamond Test**les Chain

Draymond Green and Diamond
Being a high-paid player, Draymond Green has a wide variety of hobbies, whether it is buying expensive cars or expensive watches. Green has the hobby of collecting expensive jewellery for his collection.

Recently, there’s a rumour spreading that Draymond Green bought a diamond chain. Moreover, the chain is very expensive, and the fun fact is that a diamond-shaped pendant is attached to the chain. Also, the chain is worth more than $80,000.

Although it was a rumour, a famous page on social media website “X” (formerly known as Twitter) named NBA Central posted a video of diamond test**les that have golden stripes on them and a hook on top of them. Although, by watching the video, you can see that one test**le is bigger than the other, which ultimately gives that pendant a natural look.

NBA Central always posts photos and videos related to NBA games, player controversies, etc. It is quite interesting that they posted this type of rumour regarding the Golden State Warriors player.

Fans are amazed after watching Draymond Green’s diamond testicles pendant. Many fans have reacted in a funny way. Let’s look at some of the reactions of fans.

Fan 1- “Someone said he got Steph to help him make the chain”

Fan 2- “Caution: Objects will appear larger than they really are!”

Fan 3- “I would of rather burned the money than ever considered doing that

Fan 4- “If this is true Draymond might as well just announce his retirement. Bro is too far gone.

Draymond Green had previously engaged in similar actions

Draymond Green has pulled off similar tricks before. In the third game of the Golden State Warriors vs. Oklahoma City Thunder Western Conference Finals in 2016, Green hits on Steven Adams’ groyne region.

However, the opponent did not respond aggressively to this, allowing Golden state Warriors player Draymond Green to avoid punishment for his actions without suffering any bodily harm.

It appears that he wants to be a billionaire by the age of forty. He must surround himself with the right people if he wishes to become affluent.