Gilbert Arenas on his opinions over LeBron James' Beverly Hills Mansion

The Beverley Hills neighborhood is well-known for housing celebrities and the wealthy. Superstar LeBron James of the Los Angeles Lakers just joined that elite group after acquiring a $36.8 million house in 2020. However, LeBron’s new neighborhood has presented him with additional issues as he has become “extremely concerned” about the squatting issue surrounding his house.

Amid the security worries, LeBron received a call from former NBA player Gilbert Arenas, who made a crazy comparison between the player and rapper 50 Cent. LeBron’s worries were addressed by Gilbert Arenas in the most recent No Chill Gil episode. LeBron’s house manager claims that because the squatters down the street are hosting wild drug parties, the Lakers star has stepped up security at his Beverley Hills home.

“I am trying to figure out who is the petty king right now, him (LeBron James) or 50 Cent.” Gilbert addressed at 3:08 of the episode.

LeBron James’s Beverley Hills residence is currently nothing more than “dust,” according to Arenas. To construct a new house, LeBron destroyed the $36.8 million mansion he purchased in 2020. He battled for authority to begin building for two years, and in October of last year, he was granted it. James is still not working on the project.

LeBron James was Given the Title of ‘Petty King’ by Gilbert Arenas

That implies that the property LeBron James is so worried about is just a plot of vacant ground. “He doesn’t even need to defend his house!” Arenas made a funny comment. Arenas likened LeBron’s petty behavior to that of 50 Cent, the rapper notorious for being known as the “Petty King.” In addition, he has been embroiled in a contentious dispute with his former girlfriend Daphne Joy as a result of the P Diddy claims.

Gilbert Arenas brought up rapper P Diddy during his discussion of LeBron’s squatter issues. He asserted that the parties held in LeBron’s neighborhood were on par with the rapper’s contentious drug parties.

P Diddy is presently dealing with serious charges related to his involvement in sex trafficking, illicit drug distribution, and sexual assault. LeBron James has also been embroiled in the scandal as people have been searching the internet for an old video of him talking up P Diddy’s gatherings.