Boxing legend Mike Tyson has fired a warning shot at YouTube sensation turned professional boxer Jake Paul, labeling him as “not a real boxer” and vowing to teach him a lesson. In a recent video, Tyson expressed his disdain for Paul’s rise to fame in the boxing world, challenging his credentials and suggesting that his success is based on social media clout rather than true boxing ability.

Tyson’s comments come as the two fighters are rumored to be in talks for a potential bout in the near future. The possibility of a clash between the two fighters has ignited the boxing community, with fans and pundits eager to witness the confrontation of styles and personalities.

While Paul has garnered significant attention and success in the boxing world, Tyson’s statement serves as a reminder that the world of professional boxing is not easily conquered. Tyson’s experience and dominance in the sport leave no doubt that a fight against Paul would be a formidable challenge for the YouTube star.