Catherine faced a heartbreaking decision regarding her children amidst her cancer treatment. During her chemotherapy, she witnessed the devastating effects on her body, which deeply affected her children, Prince Louis and Princess Charlotte.

To shield them from the trauma, Catherine chose to undergo treatment at Anmer Hall, while the children stayed home with their grandmother, Carole Middleton, at Adelaide Cottage. This decision, made out of love and concern, was especially difficult for Prince Louis, who struggled to understand his mother’s illness.

Prince William, although distressed by the separation, supported Catherine’s decision to protect their children from witnessing her suffering. The royal family and close friends, including Catherine’s sister Pippa, rallied around her during this challenging time. Carole’s presence provided stability and comfort to the children, helping them through this difficult period.

Despite the challenges, Catherine encouraged Prince William to continue his royal duties, understanding the importance of his leadership. Her unwavering support showcased their strong bond and commitment to family and duty amidst adversity.