Chuck Norris, the iconic martial artist and actor, has resigned as Honorary Scout Master of the Boy Scouts of America following the organization’s decision to rebrand as Scouting America to reflect its inclusive policies. Norris, citing opposition to what he calls a “woke agenda,” criticized the organization for straying from its traditional values.

The Boy Scouts of America, established in 1910, has faced declining membership and pressure to modernize. The rebranding to Scouting America, effective February 8, 2025, aims to include girls and LGBTQ scouts, sparking mixed reactions. Some, like Norris, see it as a departure from core values, while others believe it promotes necessary inclusivity.

Chuck Norris Boy Scouts America

Norris’s resignation highlights a cultural clash between traditional and progressive values, with his departure likely influencing public opinion. Despite the controversy, Scouting America is committed to inclusivity, emphasizing that its core mission remains teaching life skills, community building, and leadership.

The debate over this change reflects broader societal tensions, and Scouting America aims to balance inclusivity with its historical roots, ensuring a positive impact on all young people it serves.