Noting that third-party app data providers lack access to the full stream of information from the apps themselves, it’s often the case that their figures, while suggestive, aren’t entirely accurate.

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However, even with this caveat, there appears to be a notable shift underway. According to the latest insights from Apptopia, Threads is experiencing a consistent increase in daily active users, surpassing X in daily actives within the U.S. market.


As reported by Business Insider:

“In April thus far, Threads has averaged an estimated 28 million daily active users, defined as individuals who have opened the app at least once in a 24-hour period […] X, on the other hand, has averaged 22 million DAUs, marking a usage rate 21% lower than Threads.”


It’s important to emphasize that this data pertains specifically to the U.S. market. Globally, X claims to boast over 250 million daily active users, with substantial user bases in various other markets. Nevertheless, based on these figures, it appears that Meta’s Twitter-esque experiment, Threads, is gaining traction, potentially posing challenges for X in the future.

X on the App Store

However, the data isn’t entirely unfavorable for X.

Apptopia also notes that while X’s daily active user count has remained relatively stagnant, it has risen since December, when X purportedly dipped to approximately 17 million U.S. DAUs.


Perhaps X is now stabilizing at a higher level following the disruptions caused by Musk’s alterations to the app. Nonetheless, Threads could be on the verge of overtaking it. Moreover, while these trends are specific to the U.S., they may also signify expanded opportunities in other regions.

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Meta’s leadership has repeatedly expressed belief in Threads’ potential to become the next billion-user platform, despite the app’s slowed growth from its initial rapid ascent. Threads swiftly amassed 100 million members, propelled by its association with Instagram, and presently boasts 130 million monthly active users, according to Meta’s most recent update. In comparison, X claims 550 million monthly active users, indicating that Threads still has considerable ground to cover to eclipse the former bird app.


Nevertheless, Meta’s strategic direction might prove fruitful, with its focus on cultivating a more positive user experience potentially positioning it to usurp X as the preferred real-time social platform for the majority of users. While its aversion to real-time content and avoidance of political discourse may present challenges, Meta could still be on the right trajectory, with Threads emerging as a superior, more engaging platform for a broader user base.