ESPN broadcaster Samantha Ponder, who is married to former NFL quarterback Christian Ponder, has weighed in on the controversy surrounding Kansas City Chiefs kicker Harrison Butker’s recent remarks. Butker’s comments, made during a commencement speech at Benedictine College, stirred up debate with their traditionalist views on gender roles and family.

Ponder took to social media to express her perspective, stating, “I think the petition that he should be fired from the Chiefs is totally un-American.” She defended Butker’s right to express his Catholic beliefs to a Catholic audience, questioning why respectful disagreement seems to be a lost art.

While Ponder acknowledged agreement with some of Butker’s sentiments, particularly regarding the significance of motherhood, she also voiced disagreement with aspects of his speech. She emphasized the importance of recognizing women’s achievements beyond traditional family roles, asserting that a fulfilled life is possible for single women in the workplace.

Ponder’s comments reflect a nuanced perspective on the ongoing debate over gender roles and the freedom to express personal beliefs. They underscore the complexity of navigating societal expectations while honoring individual experiences and choices.