Prince Harry and Meghan Markle arrived in Los Angeles after an 18-hour flight from Nigeria amid controversy over their charity’s status in California.

The couple, returning from a three-day visit, were seen leaving Los Angeles International Airport’s ‘Private Suites’ facility in a car. Meghan wore a brown coat and matching pumps, while Harry sported dark trousers and a jacket with a green shirt.

Cô và Hoàng tử Harry - trong ảnh - đã có chuyến thăm 'gần như hoàng gia' kéo dài ba ngày tới Nigeria

Their trip to Nigeria received significant attention, with Meghan’s DNA test revealing Nigerian ancestry. However, upon their return, Californian authorities raised concerns about their charitable foundation, Archewell.

Reports suggested a delay in submitting a $200 renewal fee, leading to questions about the charity’s standing. Despite conflicting claims, the California Department of Justice confirmed the matter was resolved, with Archewell now considered ‘current and in good standing’.

Meghan Markle nghe điện thoại khi đi bộ qua Sân bay Quốc tế Los Angeles

The Sussexes’ visit to Nigeria included meetings with military officials, charity events, and a polo match fundraiser. They also announced a partnership with the Geanco Foundation, supporting surgical missions and maternal health initiatives in Nigeria.

Archewell, a non-profit organization founded by Harry and Meghan, aims to ‘show up, do good’ through charitable endeavors. However, recent tax filings revealed a decline in donations and financial challenges for the foundation.