Rock icon Ted Nugent has landed a prestigious contract to compose the music for Kevin Costner’s upcoming $300 million project. Costner, known for his commitment to Americana, sought out Nugent for his unparalleled ability to produce a score that embodies the essence of American culture.

“People underestimate my ability to produce a score,” declared Nugent confidently, “This ain’t my first rodeo.” With decades of experience in the music industry, Nugent’s reputation precedes him, making him the ideal choice for such a monumental project.

Costner reportedly deliberated between Nugent and another composer, Oliver Anthony, before ultimately selecting Nugent based on his extensive experience and availability. “Oliver is booked through the end of the year,” explained Costner. “Ted just needed to take a short leave of absence from work, and he was good to go.”

While Nugent’s absence may be felt in other arenas, such as the IKEA warehouse where he works, colleagues express their support and admiration for his multifaceted talents. “We’ll miss him,” remarked IKEA Warehouse Director Joe Barron. “Anyone can learn to drive a forklift, but how many guys can do it while standing on the seat playing Cat Scratch Fever on a ukulele?”

As the project gears up to commence production, anticipation runs high for Nugent’s contributions to the film’s musical landscape. With his unique blend of rock and Americana influences, Nugent is poised to deliver a score that captures the spirit of the American experience.

Stay tuned for further updates as the project progresses, and Ted Nugent brings his musical prowess to the silver screen.