Taylor Swift, the renowned pop star, has recently come under scrutiny for a series of events suggesting a strategic approach to maintaining her position at the forefront of the music industry.

Following Ariana Grande’s announcement of the official music video for “the Boys is Mine,” Taylor Swift swiftly unveiled a new single, seemingly aimed at undermining Ariana’s release.

Similarly, after Billie Eilish revealed her latest album, Taylor Swift announced three new versions of her own album and discounted it in the US, seemingly in an attempt to thwart Billie’s chances of securing the number one spot.

Notably, as Dua Lipa appeared poised to clinch the number one spot in the UK charts, Taylor Swift also announced new versions of her album, potentially aiming to disrupt Dua’s chart dominance.

Furthermore, upon hearing that Sabrina Carpenter might achieve her first number one on the charts, Taylor Swift unveiled exclusive albums in the UK, seemingly to hinder Sabrina’s success in that market.

It’s worth noting that some of Olivia Rodrigo’s biggest fans ceased following and supporting her after Taylor Swift sued her for sampling “cruel summer,” an action that could be interpreted as undermining Olivia’s second studio album titled “GUTS.”

Additionally, Taylor Swift reportedly undermined SZA’s chances of reaching number one by releasing three new variations of her album.

Finally, as Katy Perry prepared to release her fourth studio album, Taylor Swift decided to compete directly by releasing her entire discography on the same day.


These actions by Taylor Swift have sparked controversy, with some suggesting she should refrain from “sailing under the flag of feminism” when stepping on other women in the music industry.