Jeanie Buss resting on LeBron James' shoulder

LeBron James was the talk of the internet on Friday night, even though he did not play for the Los Angeles Lakers.

The NBA’s first-ever 40,000-point scorer and all-time leader in points sat courtside with team owner Jeanie Buss during a fixture vs. the Milwaukee Bucks. At one point, they were shown having a conversation, with Buss resting her head on his shoulder after he busted a line.

Some fans thought the four-time MVP was saying, “First and foremost, happy International Women’s Day.”

We can’t be sure what it was, but most fans reckon he’s now in trouble with his wife, Savannah.

“That’s a lot of touching,” one fan said. “Savannah watching this waiting for him to get home.”

The Lakers managed to beat Milwaukee on the night, despite LeBron’s absence, with D’Angelo Russell scoring a game-high 44 points in the 123-122 win.

They are now set to play in what’s expected to be another thrilling encounter with the Minnesota Timberwolves this Sunday.