In a startling revelation, Hollywood star Angelina Jolie has come forward with accusations against her ex-husband Brad Pitt, asserting that her financial stability took a severe blow during their marriage. Jolie, renowned for her iconic roles on screen and her humanitarian endeavors off-screen, divulged that she incurred substantial losses as a result of their union.

Brad Pitt accuses Angelina Jolie of dragging up abuse claims to 'distract'  in $350m vineyard war

“I lost all the money I had when I married him,” Jolie disclosed, shedding light on the financial ramifications of her relationship with Pitt. The actress, known for her independent spirit and philanthropic efforts, expressed a sense of disillusionment regarding the impact of their marriage on her financial well-being.

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The candid admission has reignited public interest in the high-profile divorce between Jolie and Pitt, shedding light on the complex dynamics that unfolded behind closed doors. As discussions surrounding the division of assets and financial settlements continue to unfold, Jolie’s revelation adds a compelling layer to the narrative, inviting speculation and scrutiny into the intricacies of their past relationship.

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