KRIS Jenner’s boyfriend Corey Gamble has shocked fans with his wild look at a Los Angeles Lakers game.

On Thursday night, the LA Lakers defeated the Denver Nuggets at the Arena.

Fans trolled Corey Gamble for his all-yellow ensemble at a Los Angeles Lakers game

Corey pictured with his girlfriend Kris Jenner at an event in November 2023

During the first round of the Western Conference Playoffs in California, Corey, 43, modeled an all-yellow ensemble.

In an Instagram Story, Kris’ boyfriend uploaded a snapshot of himself from the game.

He donned a long-sleeved bright top with matching shorts.

The business executive showed off his bare legs while strutting onto the basketball court.

He accessorized with large round-frame glasses, a black handbag, and a silver necklace.

Corey had a shiny black bucket hat on his head.

The talent manager carried a sparkly purple cup in one hand and a can of Update Energy Drink in the other.


In an online thread, fashion critics mocked the star’s “mustard silk dress and plastic hat.”

“I just can’t with this! Someone needs to come pick up their Auntie,” one critic trolled.

“That’s a healthy-looking grandma,” another critic sarcastically said.

“Is the ‘fashion sense’ in the room with us right now? Besides his horrible fashion sense, I’m confused about his purpose,” a third critic slammed.

“Why is he dressed like Madea?” a fourth person wrote, referring to Tyler Perry’s elderly African-American woman.

“Please do not insult the royalty of the Golden Girls,” a commentator chimed, referring to the ’80s sitcom about the four mature women living together in Miami.


This is not the only time Corey made a questionable fashion statement at an NBA game.

Corey held out his Lakers jersey while standing at the basketball court

In early March, he showed off two looks that seemed over-the-top while the Lakers competed against the Milwaukee Bucks.

In the first ensemble, Corey sported a dark blue cardigan over a matching T-shirt.

His velvet pants had the same color as his cardigan.

He accessorized with a chain necklace, a black cowboy hat, and dark sunglasses.

In his second outfit, Coreya paired his light-blue silk shirt with matching satin pants and western boots.

“Way to be self-absorbed! As usual, another KJ club member with a sh***y, uninspiring style,” one person threw shade.

“His commitment to silk is just weird at this point,” another person commentated.

Corey wore a cowboy hat with his cardigan and dark sunglasses

Corey wore a silk shirt with baggy satin pants and had on a chained necklace