The Making of “Rain On Me”: A Collaborative Journey to a Global Hit

When Lady Gaga announced her sixth studio album “Chromatica” in 2020, fans were eager to see what new sounds and themes the renowned pop star would explore. Known for pushing creative boundaries and bringing attention to important issues, Gaga promised “Chromatica” would focus on finding inner strength and perseverance through hardship. She hinted at collaborating with other powerful female artists who shared her message of resilience. Little did fans know one of those collaborations would become a global smash hit and cultural phenomenon.

Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande team up for 'Rain On Me' • News • DIY Magazine

The seeds of “Rain On Me” were likely planted early in Gaga’s album development process. Inspired by her own personal struggles with mental health, she envisioned “Chromatica” as a dance-fueled celebration of overcoming challenges. Gaga had long admired Ariana Grande’s vocal talents and emotional delivery in her own pop hits. She felt Ariana’s soulful style would pair perfectly with her dance-oriented sound and theme of rain representing renewal through difficult times.

Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande's 'Rain on Me' makes Billboard Hot 100 chart  history - ABC News