Kim Kardashian had a public incident with her daughter, North West, at an event, causing her to become extremely

agitated. The incident occurred when North West embarrassed her mother in front of a large crowd. Kardashian,

who is known for her composed demeanor, completely lost control and flipped out. The exact reason for the

embarrassment is not disclosed in the article, but it is implied that North West’s actions or behavior were the cause.


Kardashian’s reaction was unexpected and out of character, as she is typically calm and collected in public situations. The incident took place during a public event, where Kardashian’s composure is usually at its peak. However, her daughter’s behavior seemed to push her to her breaking point. It is unclear how Kardashian handled the situation after flipping out, as the article does not provide any information on the aftermath or repercussions. Nonetheless, the incident highlights the challenges of parenting and the unpredictable nature of children, even for someone as seemingly in control as Kim Kardashian.