In the program “The me you can’t see” that just aired, Lady Gaga revealed that she got pregnant at the age of 19 because she was too sexy. After that, the singer had an abortion.


In the episode broadcast on May 21 (local time), Lady Gaga said through tears: “At that time I was only 19 years old and starting to enter the music industry. A producer asked me to buy clothes.” . for her”. me”. I said no and left. But they will destroy all my music. And they won’t stop, they won’t stop my music.

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I was just stunned and couldn’t remember anything. First, I felt danger, then my whole body went numb. I stood my ground for weeks afterward. I realized this pain was the same as when that producer had sex with me and then left me pregnant in a corner near my parents’ house because I was weak and couldn’t stop vomiting. I was locked in the studio to use for months…”.