A GOOD deed turned into a nightmare for one woman who left her bank card at a local cafe.

Rhonda Deaver from Kinston, North Carolina, immediately lost $2,000 despite a cafe worker’s attempt to return it.

A regular customer of Smith’s Cafe in North Carolina lost over $2,000 after accidentally leaving her bank card behind

An attempt at a good deed by a worker at the cafe majorly backfired

Deaver regularly visits Smith’s Cafe and on April 30 after a doctor’s appointment, she enjoyed a meal at her favorite diner.

However, while making her way back home she received a phone call from a bank representative who said she had left her bank card behind.

Thinking all was fine, Deaver turned around to retrieve her property.

However, upon arrival, she was informed that one of the employees at the cafe turned to Facebook in a bid to locate the owner of the card.

Without thinking, the worker took photos of both sides of the card and posted them to a Kinston Facebook page for all users to see.

“Hey guys Mrs Rhonda Deaver you’ve left your debit card here at the store we have placed it in a secure location please if you know her let her know we have it and would love to make sure it’s returned,” the post read.

While this is often used as a way to trace owners of lost property, the Smith’s Cafe employee failed to block out the numbers on the card which gave viewers access to the account.

“I couldn’t believe that they did that,” Deaver told NBC affiliate WLBT.

In the time between leaving the cafe, the details being posted online, and Deaver coming back to retrieve it, numerous charges had been made on the card.

Over $2,000 worth of transactions had been made and several more had been attempted.

“I was sick, thinking I might be responsible for all those charges,” Deaver said.

There were “a whole lot of declines – but a whole lot that went through,” she added.

Despite immediately contacting her bank and having the account closed, Deaver is now financially struggling.

“I live on a fixed income, and there’s not like there’s extra money every month to cover those bills that someone else charged on my card,” she said.

Deaver is now disputing with the bank over the charges made on her card.

In the meantime, Smith’s Cafe is receiving backlash from those who have heard of Deaver’s experience.

On the Cafe’s Facebook page, numerous users have expressed their shock at the employee’s actions, as kindhearted as they may have been.

“Insane to post someone’s credit card online…common sense isn’t common enough anymore,” one user said as they called for the cafe to be “shut down for gross negligence.”

“Posting photos of a credit card online is the most irresponsible thing I have heard about this week,” another wrote.

Others were more lighthearted about the issue asking if certain dishes on offer “come with people’s card info too” while asking the Cafe to “make it right” for Deaver.

Some have even stood up for the cafe saying, “Blaming an entire business for one employee’s doing is not cool.”

“Why would you want to contribute to a beloved community staple going under for something that will be resolved?”

The U.S. Sun has contacted Smith’s Cafe and Deaver for comment.

The Facebook post to track down Deaver revealed her financial information allowing people to make payments on her card