Thomas Mollura Breaks Silence After Lindsie Chrisley Punched Him 134

Thomas Mollura ​has responded to claims made by ex Lindsie Chrisley that he harassed and abused her throughout their on-again, off-again relationship.

“I categorically deny the allegations made by Lindsie. I uphold the highest respect for all individuals and vehemently oppose such behavior,” Molllura stated, addressing Lindsie’s claims that he showed up to her house uninvited and sent her unwanted gifts, resulting in her temporary restraining order against him in August 2023.​

“It is crucial that all accusations of this nature are approached with the utmost seriousness, regardless of the gender of the accused or the accuser. It is disheartening when false claims are purported, potentially to divert attention from one’s own questionable actions or to seek personal benefit. Such situations can detract from the real and pressing issues faced by genuine victims of abuse,” he ​continued.

Mollura said that he and his attorney “prepared a comprehensive 58-page response that was filed publicly, addressing all the points raised in Lindsie’s allegations, and which lead to the dismissal of her requests presented to the court.”

He added that “as a father of daughters, a brother, an uncle, and friend, I am thankful for the unwavering support from my family, friends, and community throughout this time.”

Lindsie, 34, said in her filing, which was obtained by Radar Online and published on April 17, that ​Mollura harassed her “via social media, texts, and calls” in the summer of 2023 after they had split. She claimed that on one occasion, he “rang her doorbell for 20 minutes.” The South Carolina native also alleged that ​Mollura sent her flowers via Instacart.

The Chrisley Knows Best alum gave their dating timeline as starting in February 2022 and going through August 2022, although Lindsie claimed they briefly back together before breaking up for good in October 2022.


Mollura countered that the pair did not stop seeing each other in October 2022 and that they were in an on-again, off-again relationship until July 2023. He alleged that their relationship briefly ended in October 2022 as a “result of Ms. Chrisley’s aggressive, harassing, and violent behavior toward” him and his girlfriend, Julie, in August 2022, with the date overlapping with when he was seeing Lindsie.

Mollura additionally claimed to have accompanied Lindsie to visit her father, Todd Chrisley, at his Florida prison in March 2023, saying it was proof the pair were still together.

Mollura filed an incident report with the Roswell, Georgia, Police Department on October 1, 2022, in where an officer that he “observed apparent injuries on his face, neck, and left arm,” in the documents obtained by Radar Online. When asked about how he got the injuries, Thomas alleged “he sustained these injuries early this morning from Lindsie while he was with her and driving in Tennessee.”

Thomas Mollura Breaks Silence After Lindsie Chrisley Punched Him 132

Lindsie alleged in her TRO request that Thomas locked her insider his bedroom in October 2022 and took her phone to prevent her from calling 911, adding that when he later kicked her out of his home, he threw the phone at her.

“There is a history of physical abuse by [Thomas]. [Thomas] has disobeyed multiple non-contact agreements between the parties and [Lindsie] fears for her life,” the petition read.

The former reality star publicly debuted her relationship with Mollura on September 28, 2022, after referring to him as a “suburban dad” via her podcasts for quite some time before “hard launching” him on her social media accounts.

Without disclosing his name, she shared an Instagram collage video showing ​Mollura’s face and gushed about him in the caption.

“He waltzed into my life unexpectedly and swept me off my feet,” Lindsie wrote. “It has not been perfect as we have gotten to know one another as individuals, as parents of our collective children, as partners within this relationship. I’ve learned that I’m truly not seeking perfection at this stage in my life and who decides what’s perfect anyway?”

The “Southern Tea” podcast host added that she was excited to “grow together,” writing, “This relationship has opened my eyes to so many things in life. For the first time in a long time, I feel like I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be.”

Lindsie’s dad seemingly approved of the romance at the time, as Todd wrote in the comments, “I’m so happy for you both and love you with all my heart. God is good and always on time.”
Lindsie was previously married to Will Campbell from 2012 through 2021. The former couple share a son, Jackson, who was born in 2013.