BiSexual Awareness Week may not officially kick off until Saturday, but Lady Gaga got a head start by shedding light on the hidden meaning behind one of her popular songs. While enchanting fans at the Dolby Live theater in Las Vegas as part of her Jazz and Piano residency, Gaga surprised the crowd during a rendition of “Poker Face” on September 6. She playfully revealed, “Did you know that this song is actually about being with men but thinking about women the whole time?” The audience erupted in cheers at her cheeky confession. With a sly grin, Gaga quipped, “Now that’s what you call a good poker face.”

Lady Gaga

She kept up her vaudeville-style performance of the popular 2008 song, dressed in a flapper outfit complete with a feather headpiece. As the performance went on, she added a playful twist by inserting sarcastic comments like “Oh yeah, baby, right there” and “Mmhmm, yeah, it’s so good” during the chorus. She also changed up the pronouns in the lyrics, singing “He’s got me like nobody,” followed by “She’s got me like nobody.”

That was not the only clever lyrical change Gaga incorporated into her performance. Instead of singing “p-p-p-poker face” in the post-chorus hook, she playfully switched it up to say “ҒUCҜ her face” and “I’m ҒUCҜing her face” instead. In a light-hearted manner, Gaga joked that it was not her fault if parents brought their kids to her show. She humorously pointed out that when people purchased tickets to see “Lady Gaga in Las Vegas,” they should not have been surprised by the content of the performance. A couple of years ago, the song “Poker Face” saw a resurgence in popularity when TikTok users realized that in the studio version, it could sound like Gaga was singing “ҒUCҜ her face” amidst the chants of “poker face.” This alternative interpretation of the chorus has actually been around since the song was first released. Gaga mentioned in a 2009 radio interview that she was content with the fact that no radio stations around the world had edited the track to remove that specific lyric.

When it comes to the message behind the song, Gaga has always been transparent about it from the start of her career. Back in 2009 during a performance in Palm Springs, she revealed that it was a tribute to daydreaming about women. It’s time for another pop star to subtly bring a steamy, biSexual anthem to the forefront of the music charts once more!