Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway uses social media to calm down.

For some people, Instagram can cause anxiety or even depression. But according to her latest interview with Town and Country, the actress has figured out a way to use the platform to best suit her needs and keep herself at peace.

First off, the 36-year-old limits herself to 15-minute sessions, explaining, “It’s allowing me to focus my intentions.”

Hathaway, who won the 2013 Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for her work in “Les Miserables,” also doesn’t post anything herself. She comes up with the pictures and accompanying captions which are handed off to a second person for safekeeping. That person holds on to them for one hour. During that time, Hathaway mulls over the details before giving the post final approval.

“That way I look at it with fresh eyes,” the mother of one said. “Because once it’s out there, it’s out there.”

A quick look at her feed shows that Hathaway is looking to speak to others not just praise herself. Her feed is littered with snapshots that speak to the times – a picture of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, a tribute post to Aretha Franklin, and a post calling on white people in America to think critically about their privilege in the wake of Nia Wilson’s death.

The occasional selfie also makes its way onto the feed but they are few and far between.

“Having the ability to do something on my terms has been good for me,” Hathaway said. “It has allowed me to calm down and communicate in a way that’s more clear.”
Anne Hathaway