Hiloh just caused a stir with her dance performance. From posting on social networks, the online community discovered an unexpected detail.

The clip recording the scene of Shiloh dancing was shared on social networks by choreographer Lil Kelaan Carter. In the clip, the 17-year-old daughter of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt dresses well and dances solo in the studio. When sharing the clip, choreographer Lil Kelaan Carter wrote: “Her moves are impressive. Thank you for the great energy.” Many netizens have left comments expressing their admiration for Shiloh’s dancing ability. Previously, in 2022, actor Brad Pitt praised Shiloh’s dancing talent in an interview: “Watching my daughter dance made me emotional and I really couldn’t hold back my tears. I feel like my daughter is so real.” wonderful, you dance beautifully. I don’t know where you got your dancing genes from. As for me, I’m very bad at dancing.”

Besides many praising comments, there are also comments saying that Shiloh’s dancing skills are not really impressive: “If you try going to any dance school, you will easily find Young people who can dance like that, you will even quickly find young people who can dance more impressively like that. These young people may only pursue dancing as a hobby or a side job. They do not identify this as a career to pursue long term, because they do not have financial support from their family. It will be very difficult to maintain a stable life in the early years of a dancer’s career. My family has a dance teacher, so I know the rigors of this job.”

In choreographer Lil Kelaan Carter’s post, he also mentioned Shiloh’s social network account. This account currently does not have any posts and is also set to private. There is only one introduction line of the account owner: “Shi Jolie”. This detail caught the attention of the online community. The official surname of Shiloh as well as her other siblings is Jolie-Pitt. This is the combined last name of actress Angelina Jolie and actor Brad Pitt. The fact that Shiloh left out her father’s last name in her self-introduction made many people believe that the relationship between Shiloh and her biological father is not as good as Brad Pitt recently shared with the media.

Previously, Brad Pitt’s side said he maintains a good relationship with most of his children. This makes the media and the public think that Brad Pitt may maintain a warm relationship with his and Angelina Jolie’s biological children.

As for the adopted children, both Maddox (22 years old) and Zahara (19 years old) have long used only their mother’s last name in documents that do not have much legal significance. Pax Thien (20 years old) is said to have posted criticism of his adoptive father on social networks. The relationship between Brad Pitt and his adopted children has long been considered tense. Currently, the legal battle between Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie is in full swing. The parties released a lot of shocking information about each other to gain an advantage in the lawsuit surrounding the Château Miraval villa in France. Most recently, Brad Pitt had a testimony in his favor in court. Testimony was given by a bodyguard who worked for Jolie for two decades.

A bodyguard named Tony Webb said Jolie once told her children to avoid contact with their father. This causes awkward situations for Pitt during meetings with his children, after Jolie and Pitt broke up. Jolie’s instructions to her children were said in front of the bodyguards. In response to the latest information that Pitt’s side brought to court, lawyer Paul Murphy representing Jolie affirmed that all she wants to have at this time is to take care of her health. After that, Jolie wanted to maintain positive relationships with all family members, including the relationship with Pitt. “Jolie is looking forward to the day when Pitt really stops and allows her to continue moving forward,” attorney Murphy affirmed.

Previously, Pitt also spoke up and said that because he was so haunted by Jolie’s behavior and the bitter way the marriage ended, Pitt did not dare to move forward in his love life and could not marry his new girlfriend.