Caitlin Clark was surprised by a group of dogs at the Indiana Fever facilities. The new WNBA star couldn’t contain her surprise at being greeted by the four-legged animals.

To everyone’s surprise, Clark showed a lot of affection towards the dogs, even petting them and asking their owners for their names.

The moment during the league’s media day, where WNBA teams share their expectations and opinions for the upcoming season with the press.

The Indiana Fever are gearing up for their first preseason game next Friday against the Dallas Wings.

Indiana Fever and Caitlin Clark debute in the WNBA

Ticket sales are surging in Indiana and around the league, 36 of the Fever’s 40 regular-season games are scheduled for national television and the buzz around town hasn’t been seen since Tamika Catchings retired following the 2016 season.

Another big change: Security

Clark’s popularity, her collision with a fan during a court-storming at Ohio State last season and last spring’s airport run-in involving Brittney Griner have prompted Indiana to put a premium on safety with the first big test coming at Friday’s preseason opener in Dallas.

Caitlin Clark and her boyfriend love dogs

Caitlin Clark and her boyfriend adore dogs. They often spend their weekends volunteering at the local animal shelter, showering the pups with love and affection.

Their shared passion for animals strengthens their bond, bringing them closer together.

Whether it’s taking long walks in the park or cuddling up on the couch with their furry friends, Caitlin and her boyfriend cherish every moment spent with their beloved dogs.