NFL execs are interested to know if he could beat the No. 1 WNBA Draft pick

Cooper DeJean was asked if he could beat Caitlin Clark one-on-one

Cooper DeJean was asked if he could beat Caitlin Clark one-on-oneAP

During the NFL Draft process, prospects expect to face tough interview questions from executives of teams trying to find out if they have what it takes to be the next NFL star. According to Iowa defensive back Cooper DeJean, one question kept popping up for him that nobody else had to answer: Could he beat Caitlin Clark one-on-one?

Cooper DeJean vs Caitlin Clark

The Hawkeye corner’s response might be considered blasphemy in some sections of Iowa City, where Clark left her mark as arguably the greatest women’s college basketball player of all time.

On the other hand, social media NFL draft aficionados – and perhaps the NFL teams he talked to – loved his confidence when facing the idea of going 1-on-1 with the NCAA all-time leading scorer.

“A lot of teams asked me if I can beat Caitlin Clark one-on-one, just being from Iowa,” DeJean told Yahoo Sports.

“I said I think I can. She’d probably score a few buckets on me but I think I could pull it off.”

Even the reporter let out a stunned “wow” when he heard DeJean’s answer, but if you know his back story, it may come as less of a surprise.

Cooper DeJean’s high school basketball career

The first-round NFL Draft prospect was a high school basketball phenom in Iowa just like Clark. He averaged 25.9 points, 7.8 rebounds and 7.1 assists per game as a senior in high school, finishing with more career points than fellow legend of the Hawkeye State, Harrison Barnes. He also recorded the fastest 100-yard dash time in the state his senior year.

DeJean’s athleticism is one of the key factors that makes him a borderline first-round draft prospect, according to most NFL Draft boards. However, there are questions about his best position, as the versatile athlete played cornerbacksafetylinebacker and was a kick returner at Iowa. Some fans think he silenced those doubts with his take on Clark.

“He is a cornerback. Cornerbacks are peacocks,” said a response to Yahoo’s video on Twitter/X. “This is exactly the type of behavior I want from my cornerback.”