Kamilla Cardoso Reacts To EJECTION After SHOVING Satou Sabally While Trying To Qualify For Olympics.

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The German women’s national team made history, defeating Brazil, 73-71, to qualify to the Olympic Games for the first time in the country’s history.

The Europeans surpassed all expectations to finish with a 2-1 record at the 2024 FIBA Women’s Olympic Qualifying Tournament in Belém, earning one of the tournament’s 3 tickets to Paris.

The victory stunned the Brazilian crowd at Arena Guilherme Paraense in a wild ending where all sorts of mathematical permutations where in play, not only for the teams involved, but also for Serbia.

In the end, Brazil was eliminated while Serbia finished in 3rd place and also qualified to Paris 2024.

The loss represented a harsh end of the road for Brazil’s Olympic dreams. The team came into the event with high hopes not only because of playing in front of their home fans, but also on the heels of winning the 2023 FIBA Women’s AmeriCup.

They said: “The toughness and grit they showed, I’ve never seen something like that. Satou playing, I don’t know if she can lift her shoulder, and she was shooting with her off hand. To earn the ticket, I’m just so happy. We just made history. This team’s never been to the Olympics. They’re a wild bunch and I’m super proud of them. I think it was 8 months ago that we were ranked 36th in the world. We’re now 25th and I’m sure this will boost us again. Like I said yesterday, Australia is where we want to be and to be going to the Olympics is a massive step for this team.” – Germany head coach Lisa Thomaidis.

“To be honest, I’m speechless. What this team did today and this whole tournament. We had so many injuries and problems. We went through all this, played in front of this crowd. Staying together. This whole time I’m super proud. Of course, for German basketball this is historic. It’s something we never did before.” – Germany guard Svenja Brunckhorst.

“It’s a tough moment. The team was prepared to play in this tournament. It was a tough group with Serbia, Australia and Germany. It’s the best moment for German basketball, not only for women’s, but also after the World Cup for the men’s. It’s a great job they’re doing right now. But I said the first day that if there was someone responsible if we couldn’t win the place in the Olympics, I am responsible for that. The team, our staff, the Brazilian confederation, the Olympic committee…everybody worked a lot to give us this moment and the possibility of winning an Olympic spot in this tournament. I’m responsible for that. Of course, we’re very sad to not play in the Olympic Games. Now I need to think a little bit and make a decision for the next step.” –  Brazil head coach José Neto.

“I’m very sad, because like everybody knows, my wish was for my retirement to be in Paris. Unfortunately, we had this misstep. I’m very happy and very thankful of the performance of the girls. We worked a lot to get here. We knew of the difficulty of these teams, and it just couldn’t happen.” – Brazil center Erika de Souza.