Charles Barkley, known for his outspoken personality, has weighed in on the recent criticism directed towards WNBA star Caitlin Clark. In a segment on Wednesday’s “NBA on TNT” program, Barkley took aim at what he called “extreme” fans, siding firmly with LeBron James’ previous comments on the issue.

Y'all Women Petty!' Charles Barkley Defends Caitlin Clark Against WNBA  Jealousy - Athlon SportsY'all Women Petty!' Charles Barkley Defends Caitlin Clark Against WNBA  Jealousy - Athlon SportsCharles Barkley calls out Caitlin Clark 'hate' as she starts WNBA career:  'Y'all petty, man'

Barkley’s comments were laced with sarcasm, targeting those criticizing Clark. “You women out there, y’all petty man,” he said, highlighting the perceived double standard. He went on to agree with James, stating, “Hey, LeBron, you’re 100 percent right on these girls hating on Caitlin Clark.”

Beyond the sarcasm, Barkley offered a valid point. He challenged the critics, suggesting they should be “thanking” Clark for the positive impact she has had on the WNBA. The surge in viewership and sponsorships, potentially leading to better facilities and travel arrangements like private charters, are all developments attributed to the league’s rising popularity, and Clark is a major contributor to that growth.

Barkley’s blunt approach may not be for everyone, but his message is clear. He believes the focus should be on celebrating Clark’s talent and the overall progress of the WNBA. He argues that internal negativity towards a player who is raising the league’s profile is counterproductive.

This incident once again highlights the challenges faced by the WNBA. While aiming for growth and wider recognition, it also encounters internal hurdles. Barkley’s comments, though delivered with his characteristic humor, offer a unique perspective on the situation. It encourages fans to acknowledge the positive impact players like Clark have on the league’s trajectory.

Whether you agree with Barkley’s style of delivery or not, one thing is certain: the conversation surrounding the WNBA is gaining momentum. High-profile voices like James and Barkley bringing attention to the league can only benefit its continued growth.