Angel Reese announces that she is leaving LSU for the WNBA | CNN

LSU alum Angel Reese is already making waves in the WNBA, despite not yet hitting the court for the Chicago Sky. Since her draft earlier this month, Reese’s entry into the WNBA has sparked significant discussion, fueled by her NCAA title during the 2022-23 season. With her impressive collegiate achievements, NCAA fans are eagerly anticipating Reese’s transition into the WNBA.

When jerseys became available for purchase on, Angel Reese’s Chicago Sky jersey quickly sold out, with fans seizing the chance to show their support for the rookie. As the WNBA preseason approaches on May 3, anticipation is building not only in Chicago but across the entire league.

During a media briefing before the start of training camp on April 28, Reese shared her reaction to the news of her jersey selling out. She expressed gratitude for the overwhelming support, acknowledging that seeing her impact firsthand is a dream come true. However, Reese humbly noted that she has yet to secure a spot on the Sky’s official roster.

“It’s surreal to see the impact. As a little girl, I always looked up to so many great players in the WNBA, and now seeing my name on the back of a jersey is incredible. And I haven’t even made the team yet, obviously.

“But being in this moment and understanding what it means to be here because not everyone gets this opportunity. And like I said, I’m not going to take this for granted.”

It’s certainly impressive that Reese has sold so many jerseys at such a young age, but comparing her sales to Warren Buffett’s success in the investing world might be like comparing apples and oranges! Reese’s achievements in jersey sales are undoubtedly remarkable in her field, and they could serve as motivation for her to continue shining and reaching even greater heights in her career.