NBA great Kobe Bryant recalled his first meeting with Lionel Messi after Ronaldinho predicted the Barcelona star would become the “greatest player who ever lived”.

Ronaldinho, who became sort of a godfather figure for Messi in the sport — though the Brazilian prefers to call it a friendship — introduced the young star to Bryant before he became the best soccer player in the world.

When Barcelona FC came to Los Angeles, Ronaldinho had a chance to meet his best friend at that time: Kobe Bryant. They sit and talked a lot. Later, Ronaldinho optimistically talked about Messi to Kobe Bryant:

‘Kobe, look I’m going to introduce you to the guy who is going to be the greatest player of all time.” Ronaldinho said

“I said: ‘You what? You are the best.’ Kobe said
But he said: ‘No, no. This kid right here is going to be the best.’ And that guy was Lionel Messi, who was only 17.”

“It was normal,” Ronaldinho said. “I told him about Messi’s quality. I didn’t just talk about Messi. I spoke of all my teammates. I just said he had a great future ahead of him.”

In the present, It is so true that three of them: Kobe Bryant, Ronaldinho and Messi is now the greatest goats in their field.

But Kobe Bryant will not be there to talk to Ronaldinho, to Messi. A tragic death took him away from us. He will forever be in our heart.