Dwayne Johnson recently wowed audiences with his heel turn at WrestleMania XL, surprising everyone with his edgy tone and language leading up to the event. While Johnson is known to be a thorough professional, he goes by his own rules and does what he feels is right for him, whether it be WWE or films.

The actor has a new Christmas-themed film titled Red One coming this November. The project billed as a franchise starter sees Johnson opposite Chris Evans. Johnson’s WWE heel turn seemed to transition in real life with a new report about his alleged laziness and unprofessionalism on the film, ballooning its budget. Following this, Johnson championed his supporters in a latest post on Instagram.

Dwayne Johnson Expresses Gratitude to His Supporters Amidst Damaging Allegations


Following his stint at WrestleMania, Dwayne Johnson is back to films once again and has started training for his new sports drama film The Smashing Machine. As of 2024, he has the upcoming Christmas-themed adventure film Red One opposite Chris Evans. Recently, a report from The Wrap stated various damaging allegations about Johnson’s behavior on set.

The report questioned Johnson’s commitment and professionalism by revealing that he allegedly came late almost seven to eight hours on the set of Red One every day, This led to the film’s budget ballooning to almost an additional $50 million, totaling the film’s entire budget to $250 million. One source told the Wrap, that “It was a f–king disaster” and the crew was allegedly forced to shoot around him when he didn’t show up.

Amidst the discourse that started online regarding that damning report, Johnson took the time to thank his supporters and to keep on walking through in life. He wrote on Instagram “Walk thru. Love and appreciate all the support”. It is not clear whether he is writing this about the report or just thanking fans for supporting him during his recent WrestleMania run.

Amazon and Johnson’s production company, Seven Buck Productions, have deemed the report as “both ridiculous and false”. They made it clear that there were no on-set issues with Johnson at all. While the contrasting nature of the report and the studio’s response is confusing, it remains to be seen what really happened as more details are sure to come to light soon.

Dwayne Johnson Alleged Tardiness Reportedly Caused Problems During Red Notice

The recent report by The Wrap paints an ugly picture of Dwayne Johnson’s idealistic persona, and states several instances that showed his alleged unprofessionalism. While the report was mainly about his on-set behavior on Red One, it further went back and revealed another similar tidbit of Johnson’s alleged tardiness on the set of Netflix’s Red Notice that caused problems for its crew.

The report states that Johnson’s co-star Ryan Reynolds from the film, got pissed waiting after waiting for Johnson for five hours and they allegedly fought on set. It seems they didn’t talk for years, but have now worked out their differences and are all good. The film also starred Gal Gadot and it is set to have a sequel after its success on Netflix

Johnson is currently preparing for his role in the upcoming sports drama The Smashing Machine, directed by Benny Safdie. He will reunite with his Jungle Cruise co-star Emily Blunt in the film.