After pulling off a perfect WrestleMania season, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson momentarily turned his focus from the squared circle to the world of film, and his upcoming acting endeavors have solidified their place at the forefront of conversation.

The Brahma Bull has more on his list to make fans’ hearts race, even though he is currently making an admirable effort to step into the shoes of MMA veteran Mark Kerr. The actor of Black Adam is reportedly joining the MCU to play a legendary X-Men villain role. Although the rumors are speculative, the actor’s portrayal of Apocalypse seems believable at first.

Rumor: Marvel Studios Wants Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson For Role Of Apocalypse In Upcoming 'X-Men' Reboot - Bounding Into Comics

Dwayne Johnson’s apocalyptic claims gather credence when a fan altered picture that highlights his appearance

Black Adam, played by Dwayne Johnson in the DC Extended Universe, drew harsh criticism. His time with the team finally came to an end as a result. After it failed, DC Studios executives allegedly had no plans to work on any other projects with the $800 million star. Fast X actor Johnson received the most criticism despite his lackluster performance being caused by a number of factors, including dull, protracted action sequences, poor character development, and a host of other issues. The actor’s career has finally taken off, and fans can’t wait to watch the Brahma Bull swim in the Marvel Universe.

The time has finally arrived, as there are credible reports indicating that Marvel Studios is developing Dwayne Johnson’s return to the MCU. He will play the infamous Apocalypse, also known as En Sabah Nur, who is well-known for being one of the first mutants in history, the primary antagonist of the original X-Factor team, and a recurring character in the X-Men comics.

Now that there is a lot of conjecture circulating, the shocking first glimpse went viral on Twitter, leading us to think that the speculations might come true.

But given that Kevin Feige is apparently a fan of The Rock, it appears that this is just the start of a very fruitful partnership between Dwayne Johnson and the MCU. Johnson appears to be gaining worth once more as a result of the opening of a new path. Kevin Feige, the head of the MCU, has long considered Johnson to be a fantastic prospect. Feige praised The Rock’s acting prowess years ago, during the premiere of Iron Man 3.

The Rock appears to have an enduring relationship with the MCU.

“I’m a huge fan of Dwayne Johnson; I think he’s amazing.” He was fantastic in G.I. Joe, he was fantastic in Pain & Gain, and he’s just an all-around excellent person. Someday, I hope he makes an appearance in the Marvel universe,” he said. The quality of performance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe has enhanced many roles, and the franchise has rarely made a casting choice gone wrong. Fans may be relieved and given an unexpected glimpse at Feige’s acting abilities despite their worries, given his stellar casting history.

However, The Rock acknowledged the gratitude and expressed his sincere gratitude to Feige, hinting at a potential MCU debut.