There were many surprising moments at the 2024 WWE Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony

The excitement among the audience increased when Paul Heyman was inducted first, albeit many of them left the arena soon after. The surprises didn’t stop there, though. The profound bond between The Rock and Muhammad Ali was shown when The Rock was bestowed with a noteworthy distinction during Muhammad Ali’s induction into the 2024 Hall of Fame class.



The Rock, who is well-known for his charisma and ability to connect with fans, recounted a touching moment that had a profound effect on him. He spoke of an evening that “moved my soul” and conveyed his sincere gratitude to Lonnie Ali, the late Muhammad Ali’s widow, for officially conferring upon him the title and designation of “People’s Champion.”The Rock thought back on this momentous occasion in an Instagram post, remembering the day in 1997 that Muhammad Ali, the first People’s Champion, gave him the title. During the WWE Hall of Fame event, he gave Lonnie Ali the People’s Champion belt as a token of his heartfelt gratitude for her elegance, beauty, and bravery in making the title real.The Rock promised to live up to the moniker and expressed gratitude for the motivation it brought him. He talked about the touching occasion when he was in a picture with Muhammad Ali.The Rock also expressed his gratitude to the thousands of people who attended the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony, praising them for the energy and spirit they brought to the arena for this momentous day. He promised to always have his followers’ backs and showed them how much he loved and cared about them.




”A night that moved my soul.Grateful to my core.* yes that’s me & Muhammad in the last pic looking like a little girl

Official bestowing of the PEOPLE’S CHAMPION TITLE and NAME from the widow, of the original People’s Champion – MUHAMMAD ALI

Thank you LONNIE ALI for your grace, beauty and strength as you made it official by presenting me with this INCREDIBLY INSPIRING People’s Champion Title.

And thank you to one of my heroes, the GOAT himself, MUHAMMAD ALI for passing on your People’s Champion moniker to me back in 1997.

Being the People’s Champ is sacred and I’ll carry it with me for life.

Finally, THANK YOU to the thousands in attendance at our @wwe Hall of Fame who filled the arena with electricity and mana for this historic moment.

Love U and I got your back for life.

– Final Boss”

The Rock’s connection to the People’s Champion title speaks to his influence and dedication to his fans, while his reverence for Muhammad Ali underscores the respect he has for those who paved the way.