Kanye West has had a turbulent few years, even for a controversial lightning rod like himself, but they don’t appear to have affected his happiness.

Kanye West: 'I'm The Happiest I've Ever Been In My Life'

Since voicing support for Hitler and making various other antisemitic comments, the Chicago rap icon and fashion designer has been dropped by adidas, pushed to the brink of bankruptcy, divorced his ex-wife Kim Kardashian and been shunned by a number of creative and commercial collaborators.

But in a recent interview with Hypebeast magazine, Kanye said he’s currently the happiest he has ever been.

Kanye West Smiling Videos Happy To Serious Face Moments

“This is the happiest I’ve ever been in my life,” the 46-year-old shared. “I’m with my wife, with Aus Taylor, my visual director at YZY, with Dov Charney. All year, I’ve been with loved ones, doing it independently ourselves.”

West also spoke about what keeps him going after more than 20 years in music.

Kanye West can't stop smiling after the birth of his third child as a fan tries to congratulate him with boozy gift | The Sun

“The thing is, wind can blow a house down but a bird still needs wind to fly. So without the wind, there’s no flying,” he said.

“And there are times where you are flying against the wind. There are times when you’re flying with the wind. My current single ‘Carnival’ is the number one song in the world right now. That gives me drive.”

Kanye West Smiling Videos Happy To Serious Face Moments

Kanye’s legal troubles worsened last month when he was accused of discriminating against Black employees at his Donda Academy.

A lawsuit filed by a former security guard at the school claimed: “Kanye frequently screamed at and berated Black employees, while in contrast, he never so much as raised his tone of voice toward white staff.”

It was also alleged that the rapper made demands about hairstyles and outfits, and banned books by Malcolm X and Martin Luther King.

Trevor Phillips, another former Donda Academy employee, also recently made several allegations of abuse and discrimination against West.

Phillips joined the educational institution back in 2022 and is suing Ye for discrimination, harassment and creating a hostile work environment.

Per legal documents, the Yeezy boss allegedly “bullied” Black employees, repeatedly talked about porn addiction and even confessed to “masturbating a lot” despite being used to orgies.

Additionally, Phillips shared a recording he claims is his former boss saying: “Gay people are not true Christians. And gay people are controlled by Bill Gates so that they don’t have children for population control.”

The plaintiff also claimed that Kanye said “Hitler was great” and “Jews are greedy.”