A video of Lil Wayne telling Katie Couric why his mother chose for him to drop out of high school at the start of his career during their conversation has surfaced.

Lil Wayne disclosed that his mother had informed him that he was no longer enrolled in his high school after witnessing him getting ready for class one morning. In order for him to securely concentrate on his music career, his mother thought it appropriate for him to leave school at age 14.

Couric asks Wayne, who was an honor student before dropping out of high school, if he regrets not graduating in the opening moments of the brief footage.

In no way. “It was my mom’s idea, but please kids, finish high school. All of my kids are finishing high school,” he stated.

“I released an album.” Thank God, I was already platinum, and I was still attempting to attend a regular public school when one day she interrupted me as I was getting ready for class. She was chatting loudly on the phone as she passed my room, and I will never forget it. She asked me, “Are you going to bring that to school with you?” when she spotted me placing my bag on my back.

“I seem to recall asking her if it was okay if I brought it. And after giving it some thought, she answered, “I do,” he said. She returned to the room after two minutes, still talking on the phone, and declared, “You’re getting a GED; you’re not going to school anymore.” I gave an okay.

“She said, ‘If this is how you’re supposed to go to school, watch TV now, tell Baby and them, and get your GED.’” Thus, I went on to earn my GED and enrolled in college,” he continued.