Lil Wayne shared that he can’t remember his own songs for the following reasons that surprised fans!

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Lil Wayne, the iconic rapper with a prolific career, recently revealed a fascinating aspect of his journey: he can’t recall his own songs due to memory loss. Despite his remarkable mind, which he describes as “amazing,” he candidly admitted that his memory doesn’t match up, making it challenging for him to remember the extensive catalogue of his work.

His discography is so vast that even the celebrated “Tha Carter” series, spanning multiple albums, is a bit of a blur to him. When asked about “Tha Carter III” after 15 years, Lil Wayne confessed to Rolling Stone, “I’m going to be so honest with you: I don’t know Tha Carter III, Tha Carter II, Tha Carter One from Tha Carter IV. And that’s just my God’s honest trutҺ.” He goes on to emphasize that, if questioned about specific songs, he might draw a blank, indicating that these musical achievements hold little significance for him.

For Lil Wayne, this memory loss is both a “gift and a curse.” Despite working on multiple songs daily, even during tours, he sees it as a divine paradox: “I believe that [God] blessed me with this amazing mind, but would not give [me] an amazing memory to remember this amazing.”

This revelation is part of a larger narrative of health challenges that Lil Wayne has been open about, particularly his history of seizures and his status as an epileptic. His journey includes emerge𝚗cy landings, minor seizures, and undisclosed struggles, underscoring the resilience of an artist who, despite these health scares, adamantly declares that retirement is not on the horizon. In his words, “When you’re an artist — a real artist like myself, I was born this way. The real true artists and pioneers, they never retire. They died doing this.”