One of the most well-known music artists of the twenty-first century is Lil Wayne. Wayne is one of the most recognizable faces in the world, having sold over 200 million albums in his almost 30-year career in the music business. For this reason, his unexpecteԀ presence on “WWE Raw” on April 1 was much anticipated.

Lil Wayne, Shannon sharpe and 50 cent with wwe golden title at nba all star  weekend : r/SquaredCircle

Wayne accepted Jey Uso’s invitation to attend WrestleMania 40 this weekend in Philadelphia during a backstage interview, announcing that he would be making his WWE debut at the greatest event of the year.

Lil Wayne Raps Jey Uso To The Ring At WWE WrestleMania 40Since then, PWInsider Elite has verified that Wayne will, in fact, be present and will be doing a live performance. Even though he said on “Raw” that he will be releasing his new song, it’s not known as of this writing if he will be participating in any other way beyond just performing.

Watch Lil Wayne Say He Will Debut New Single At WrestleManiaWayne won’t be the only well-known figure in attendance at WrestleMania 40; talk show presenter and Golden Globe winner Drew Barrymore is also expected to attend, but it’s unknown if she’ll be involved in the program going forward.

Behind The Scenes Of Lil Wayne Meeting Jey Uso At "WWE Raw"WWE has already contacted Sylvester Stallone to participate in some way at the event, considering it is being held in Philadelphia, the birthplace of the Rocky films. However, unlike Wayne and Barrymore, Stallone’s attendance at the event has not yet been confirmed.