is sweeping across the gaming landscape, with it being something of a cultural phenomenon at this stage. Two months after release it’s not slowing down, and Divers of all sizes and shapes are still fighting for freedom for the galaxy.

With that in mind, we spoke to Matthew Rehwoldt, wrestler, commentator, audiobook narrator, and fan to talk about all things Arrowhead, TNA, and his new venture, The Last Match!

Matthew Rehwoldt – TNA, The Last Match and More

matthewrehwoldthelldiversMatthew Rehwoldt is a Helldiving maestro of the wrestling ring!

For those who may not be aware, would you be so kind as to tell our readers who you are and what you do?

My name is Matthew Rehwoldt and I’ve been a professional wrestler and wrestling broadcaster for the last 13+ years with WWE, NJPW, and TNA.

And as a follow-up to that, you’re obviously a commentator on TNA as we speak, but you’re also heavily involved in The Last Match – what exactly is that?

The Last Match is an incredible blend of pro wrestling, Broadway-level theatrics, and singers, as well as incredible rock n’ roll. It tells the story of a wrestling company over the course of one night and talks all about the artistry and excitement of the art form!


How did you come to be involved in such a unique concept?

My friend Bull James was involved in the original incarnation and when they decided to take it on the road he asked if I’d like to be involved and he put me in touch with the director and the rest is history as they say!
thelastmatchThe Last Match is one of the more unique musicals that’s for sure!

This is right up my street, so is there any chance you’re going to be bringing the show to the UK?

That would be a dream! Never say never!


Wrestling seems to be coming back and becoming a bigger part of pop culture again. Being in the middle of it all you’ll be far better placed to say, but why is that?

I think we’ve hit a generation who all grew up at least somewhat on wrestling in those prime spots in the world. Singers, athletes, celebrities, etc many of them at least saw some wrestling as a kid, and especially as we in the business have been more open with our sport and the interesting stories of how it all works – that intrigues everyone else!

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Helldivers 2 Players Have Made Their Choice – Say Hello to the Next Big Meta and Introduce Some Freedom

You’re a commentator, but also a wrestler and have been on various promotions. I’m not gonna be so ridiculous to ask your favorite, but are there any stark contrasts as to how the different promotions work behind the scenes?

There can be but at the end of the day from your local promotion all the way up to WWE – as a wrestler much of it is often the same. You show up, you put your matches together, and you go out and perform! …Then on to the next city!
the rock wweThe People’s Champ returned in some incredible circumstances this year!

I have to ask, what did you make of the Rock’s return? From his initial confrontation to his second-day loss, it reignited a lot of what people love about the sport. That said, if you could, would you have changed anything and why?

I absolutely loved it. I only wish we could have avoided the need for the pivot in the first place and wish the way it went was the plan all along. But regardless I love how it turned out and he was doing phenomenal work!

Matthew Rehwoldt Likes a Good Game, but Loves a Great One in Helldivers 2

Onto gaming, another one of your pastimes. You’ve always been vocal about your love of them. What are you currently playing?

Well, I have my evergreen games that I’m always playing which are primarily and now of course! Like so many others I’ve also dipped back into after watching the fantastic TV show and unfortunately I had to head out on the road for this show while in the middle of so I’m absolutely itching to get back to home and continue that!

Helldivers 2 New Mission and ‘adorable’ Terminid Would Give Players a Much-needed Change-Up in the Monotonous Fight for Freedom

Helldivers 2 New Mission and ‘adorable’ Terminid Would Give Players a Much-needed Change-Up in the Monotonous Fight for Freedom

You’re a big fan of Helldivers 2. What draws you to Arrowhead Studios Live-Service shooter?

The focus is on fun! It’s co-op PvE so there’s a lot of toxicity eliminated there and the game’s tongue-in-cheek humor and theming make everything feel fun and light while at the same time able to give you a WILD challenge, especially at higher difficulties.

On top of that, the way they make this world adaptable depending on how we succeed in the given major orders makes what is, on paper, an incredibly simple game into something really cool narratively.

helldivers 2Helldivers 2 is the leading game for many in the GotY discussion so far in 2024.

Helldivers 2 certainly has some staying power compared to other live service games – why do you think it succeeds where the likes of Suicide Squad fail?

I think it’s what I just mentioned – FUN. It doesn’t take itself so seriously but yet they are serious about making a good game. And on top of all that it has a fantastic NON-PREDATORY live service and monetization model.


Everyone has a favorite Stratagem, mine is quite boring – it’s the incendiary landmines. What about yours?

…if your favorite strat is any minefield we have serious issues! For a call-down, it’s probably the Eagle Airstrike for its quick cooldown and ability to handle almost any objective or enemy. As far as support weapon stratagem I’m a huge fan of the Quaser Cannon.

And what does your Helldiver currently look like, build and armor-wise?

I’m a big fan of light armor for the maneuverability and then the scout perk to allow me and my squad to see where patrols or groups of enemies are at any time. Also makes soloing missions much easier!
helldivers2quasarcannonPlenty like the Quasar Cannon, just like Matthew Rehwoldt!

With your Jam-packed schedule, I imagine you don’t have a lot of time to help in the Fight for Freedom right now. Do you miss it?

I still get mine in! I have a higher-end gaming laptop that I got primarily for gaming/streaming from the road for just that purpose!


Bugs or bots – who is the biggest threat?

Bots no doubt. Screw the hulks.

You’ve been lucky enough to feature in numerous wrestling games. Just like other sports stars, I have to ask, how does it feel to see yourself there, and to play as yourself?

The first time I was in a game it was an incredible feeling! Truly a bucket list moment! …too bad I really don’t like wrestling games! Haven’t been into one since No Mercy back in the day.

Helldivers 2’s Patch 01.000.300 Includes Armor Adjustment That Would Have Saved Many a Diver’s Life

Who on TNA’s roster is a big gamer? And do you play with them?

Actually, Steve Maclin, Jonathan Gresham, and Sami Callihan are all big Helldivers fans!
wwenomercyN64’s No Mercy was and still is a wrestling classic.

Favorite Wrestlers, a Return to the Ring, and a Surprise Announcement

You’re my age, so you grew up watching the Attitude Era of WWE, the war with WCW, and more, same as myself. Who would you say is your favorite Wrestler from then? And similarly, from now?

My two favorite wrestlers are Shawn Michaels and Mick Foley. Shawn was just incredible all around and Mick was special to me as his story was something that reminded me of myself – a quiet, nice kid who wasn’t necessarily your prototypical wrestler type but loved it so much and showed the world he could do it!

Ever think you’d like to hit the ring again full-time? Bring Aiden English back? Matt Morris? An entirely new persona?

Full time? I don’t think so. I love doing the occasional show but the level of talent on the biggest stages like WWE, TNA, and AEW is just so high! My superpower is on the mic that’s for sure.

Is there anything you’d like to tell FandomWire’s readers you never seem to get asked in interviews that you’d want to tell the world now?

Hmmm, I’m not sure! I guess a little-known fact is that I have recorded two full length audiobooks as a narrator and that’s something I’ve been looking to do more of! A man wearing many hats!

Whilst only a written interview, speaking to Matthew gives a great impression of not only the type of person he is, but the type of gamer. One simple sentence about the no hope of my favorite Stratagem proves he’d be the one to carry me throughout the missions, which wouldn’t be too different from his time in the ring.

If you’re ever out there and hear the charismatic voice of Matt barking orders at you during a Terminid invasion, be sure to listen! In the meantime, we thank him for his time with us, and look forward to the next time we speak to him, hopefully during a UK tour of The Last Match!